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What are the core activities of your organization?image

Royal Philips is a health technology company focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation across the health continuum – from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care. Applying advanced technologies, and deep clinical and consumer insights, Philips partners with customers to deliver integrated solutions that enable better outcomes at lower cost.   Since its foundation, Philips has committed to sustainable business by continuously looking for ways to improve our operations, products and supply chains. Being a sustainable business enables us to drive growth, identify cost savings, reduce exposure to risk and build trust with our stakeholders. 

What does your organization specifically do on responsible sourcing/mining?

Philips addresses the complexities of the minerals supply chains through a continuous due diligence process combined with multi-stakeholder initiatives for responsible sourcing of minerals. Next to being a strategic member of the EPRM, we are involved in the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI), Responsible Mica Initiative (RMI) and the Dutch Gold Sector IRBC Agreement. Philips also invests in dedicated projects focused on improving the conditions in artisanal small-scale mines in Uganda (Gold) and India (Mica).

What can the EPRM do to support your work on responsible minerals?

EPRM can serve as the voice of many different stakeholders and is therefore enabled to create more noise than Philips by itself. The organization can raise awareness on the circumstances surrounding conflict minerals beyond 3TG. Creating awareness on e.g. Mica and Cobalt can increase the transparency in our Supply Chain and get suppliers more easily involved. Political pressure can also lead to more transparency, and therefore more opportunities for Philips to increase living circumstances in our Supply Chain. It can also serve as a platform to connect business with societal players, enabling partnership creation.

How can your organization contribute to realize the ambitions of the EPRM?

Philips can contribute to the knowledge platform by sharing our experiences of due diligence. We can also support by communicating about the importance of responsible sourcing