Incident Reporting and Monitoring Gold in DRC

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Advancing incident reporting and community participation in responsible sourcing through cooperative and CSO capacity enhancement in Eastern DR Congo’s gold sector

Summary of the project

The principle aims of this project are threefold:

  1. To enhance the capacity and legitimacy of cooperatives operating in eastern DRC’s mining sector, whilst sensitising them to the benefits of responsible sourcing;
  2. To establish an accessible incident reporting and monitoring mechanism fed by these cooperatives, together with local CSOs and mining authorities to increase transparency concerning mine site and supply route incidents at and around gold sites;
  3. To use this mechanism to enhance transparency around incident follow-up in cooperation with cooperatives, local CSOs, mining authorities and other local and national stakeholders. 

Envisioned impact

IPIS and CEGEMI aim at:

  • Enhancing capacity and legitimacy of cooperatives through
    • Training on due diligence standards, good governance, financial management, access to credit, and conflict resolution/mediation,
    • Building the capacity of miners to operate collectively through cooperative structures.
  • Establishing a reporting system for incidents on artisanal gold supply chains, including the geolocalisation of incidents reports on a publically available webmap via
    • Training on incident identification and risk mitigation, verification and reporting of credible incidents,
    • Building the capacity of cooperatives and NGOs to identify, investigate and monitor incidents


Beneficiary groups

Participating miners, cooperatives and civil society actors will benefit from this project directly through capacity enhancement. Mining communities, traders and companies, including women working in the sector, will benefit from the better enfranchisement of miners as well as increased security and avenues for recourse when incidents arise.

"We all like to participate in the training program that you organise for us, this will allow us this time to organise ourselves well as a cooperative." - A miner in Nyamurhale gold site, a site that was prospected as a potential area for the deployment of project activities 


Intervention territory: Democratic Republic of Congo, South Kivu and Ituri

Implementing partners
International Peace Information Service - IPIS
IPIS is an independent research institute providing tailored information, analysis and capacity enhancement. IPIS is a leader in research on natural resources in Sub-saharan Africa and has been working on artisanal mining for several years.

Centre d'Expertise en Gestion Minière - CEGEMI
CEGEMI is a Bukavu-based research institute of Congolese Academic researchers, created in the context of a VLIR-UOS institutional cooperation project between Flemish universities and the Catholic University of Bukavu.

The project will run from January 2018 to December 2019.


Photo credit: Gabriel Kamundala Byemba, CEGEMI - 2018