EPRM provides a crucial opportunity for coordinating existing schemes and initiatives for responsible production of 3TG. A shared commitment by public and private actors brings together the network, knowledge and financial resources needed to make these initiatives successful and financially sustainable.

Close cooperation between different actors will send a strong message along supply chains, reaching both producing regions and users of end products.

EPRM will take the lead in activities that make mineral production and trade responsible, increase stability and promote development in vulnerable areas.

To enable responsible production of minerals in CAHRAs, three critical changes in the supply system have to be realised:

  • There has to be a dependable and stable demand from downstream actors.
  • The midstream supply line from mine to smelters has to be transparent.
  • Mines have to be able to apply best practices in mining, both technically and financially.

EPRM will:

1. Stimulate and increase demand for responsible minerals of a greater number of key downstream firms who are committed to sourcing these minerals;

2. Ensure adequate sourcing channels for responsible minerals by promoting a standardised mechanism that enables suppliers to identify and reduce risks;

3. Encourage supply chain coalitions between downstream, midstream and upstream actors to responsibly produce and source minerals throughout a fully transparent supply chain.

In this way, EPRM assures responsible producers a market and secure sourcing channels for responsible minerals. EPRM will support an enabling local environment through government and local communities’ participation. This will increase mining companies’ motivation to introduce better mining practices.

To this end, EPRM will create strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders active in mining communities. Our stakeholders will help to align mining intervention strategies and pool and expand resources (technical and financial) . These strategies and resources will support mines to produce minerals in a socially and environmentally responsible way, gradually breaking the link between mineral extraction and conflict.