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Application procedure

Can we submit a full proposal all at once?

No. The quick scan is compulsory before you can submit a full proposal. It allows you to pitch your project and partnership ideas in an easy and accessible way. The EPRM will provide you with feedback including a recommendation (positive or negative) on whether or not to go ahead with developing your ideas. It may also include recommendations on how to do this. Upon receiving an advice from the EPRM/RVO.nl, it is possible to submit a full proposal.


Threshold criteria

What are the threshold criteria and where do I find them?

These criteria describe the type of organisation, its size, the requirements for partnerships, organisational capacity, grant size, project duration. A short list of threshold criteria can be downloaded here and more information is to be found in the English translation in the Government Gazette.

Will the requested budget be entirely (100%) supported by EPRM or is there a requirement for the principal applicant to co-finance the project?

The grant amounts to a maximum of 70% of the eligible costs per application and at most €340.000. The grant amount requested may not exceed €340,000. The remaining costs should be financed by an own contribution, which is the difference between the amount of the total project budget and the grant. The own contribution to the project of the partners of the partnership is financed with means (cash or in-kind) that have not been obtained by means of a direct or indirect grant or contribution from the budget of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What type of organisation can be considered a company? Can a research and advice company or financial institution also be considered as a supply chain actor?

The regulation states the following:  

  • 4.2 Who is eligible for a grant: The companies participating in the partnership are part of the minerals supply chain; this means that, for example, companies that mainly provide advisory services cannot be part of the partnership.
  • 3. Definitions:
    • Company: an entity which undertakes economic activities, regardless of how it is financed. An economic activity is the offering of goods or services on an economic market. Entities that carry out economic activities on a not-for-profit, not-for-loss basis may also qualify as a company in the partnership.
    • Supply chain approach: distinguishing between sub-processes which together form a whole and thus have a functional relationship (the output of one sub-process is the input for another sub-process). In the mining industry, upstream sub-processes (extraction and exploration) can be distinguished from midstream sub-processes (refining, smelting) and downstream sub-processes (production and assembly)


Content quick scan/proposal

To what extent does the project need to link up with the EPRM Theory of Change?

The Theory of Change (ToC) is the backbone of the EPRM, so it is very important that your proposal is related to the ToC. Especially the outputs and outcomes described in the right column of the ToC (upstream side) are very relevant for this Call for Proposals. Make sure your proposal contributes to these outcomes and motivate how: 1) Mines have access to markets and improved technical and financial ability to produce responsibly and 2) Pooled financial and technical resources to support mine improvement via strategic partnerships in targeted countries.

Can the project be implemented in any country of the world or is there a geographical limitation?

This call has a global scope, as opposed to the previous call, which was focused on countries of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR). However, it is required that activities are conducted in a Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Area (CAHRA). The EPRM follows the guidelines of the European Commission and OECD with respect to the definition of a CAHRA. 

Can the project be focused on just any ‘conflict mineral’?

The present call for proposals focuses exclusively on activities aimed at or linked to improving the conditions in and around 3TG (gold, tin, tantalum and tungsten) mines.



What are the assessment criteria and where do I find them?

These criteria describe the policy relevance of the project, the quality of the partnership, and the technical quality of the proposal related to the design and implementation of the project. See section 7.1 of the English translation in the Government Gazette, which can be downloaded here.