CAPAZ: The Passport to Markets Programme. Scaling-up and Sustaining Impacts

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Summary of the project

This project corresponds to the second phase of the development and operationalization of the “Code of Risk-mitigation for Artisanal and small-scale mining engaging in Formal Trade” (CRAFT), with two primary objectives: 1) Strengthen the improvement process of organizational, social and mining practices of miners involved in project phase I, and support their transition into viable artisanal entrepreneurial models consistently selling into legal supply chains, while scaling-up legal supply chains in Colombia. 2) Implement a sustainability roadmap to operationalize CRAFT, including a second round of multi-stakeholder consultation and the piloting of a multi-stakeholder Impact Exchange Platform.  

Envisioned impact

The CRAFT approach seeks to incentivize better environmental and social practice and support economic development in ASM communities by enabling their access to OECD-conformant supply chains. In the long term, the adoption of better practices and access to fairer market conditions is expected to improve the living conditions of the ASM communities, as well as contribute to the stability in conflict-affected regions.

The second phase of the CAPAZ project is an opportunity for consolidating wider impacts in the most vulnerable groups of miners to be able to connect with legal markets and improve their quality of live in post- conflict areas in Colombia” Natalia Uribe, project leader. 

Beneficiary groups

Artisanal and Small-scale miners, supply chain actors and civil society stakeholders.

"We have to be united. We always think about doing things for ourselves, but if we work like that we won't get anywhere. We have to join forces and work in partnership in order to improve the situation for everyone. We have learned this lesson from the training given by ARM" Senides Lucumi Mina, mineral selector from Suárez, Cauca, Colombia. 

Intervantion territory

Latin America / Colombia / Departments of Antioquia, Nariño & one more department to de defined after carrying out a baseline assessment.

Implementing partners
Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM)

2 years: June 2018 - May 2020


Photo credit: ARM