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CADD: Consolidated Autonomous Due Diligence

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CADD: Consolidated Autonomous Due Diligence

Summary of the project 

The CADD Project consists in the development and pilot deployment of an open-source, public framework for upstream supply chain stakeholders to operationalize requirements from the OECD Guidance. Such a framework is an essential implementation mechanism for companies operating in, and procuring from countries covered by European regulation 2017/821 where no upstream due diligence program is established. It provides a solution to systemic constraints on upstream due diligence scalability, sustainability, accountability and reliability - the most significant challenge to responsible mineral procurement globally.


Envisioned impact

As an open-source framework for upstream supply chain stakeholders to conduct due diligence, CADD serves to stimulate responsible sourcing from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas (CAHRAs) and improve reporting quality along the mineral supply chain. The goal is for mining and mineral trade operators in countries covered by EU regulation to secure compliant access to international markets while minimizing due diligence costs. This in turn is expected to boost due diligence uptake by upstream operators and incentivize formal trade — an important step towards improving the socio-economic conditions of communities in CAHRAs.

Beneficiary groups

Artisinal and Small-scale miners, local stakeholders, upstream supply chain participants, and smelters or refiners (SoRS).

Upstream companies tend to rely on third-party initiatives to comply with the OECD Guidance, which is costly. With CADD we hope to reduce the cost of due diligence for upstream supply chain actors, in particular ASM operators, by efficiently involving all local stakeholders in the international compliance process.” Hélène Helbig de Balzac, Project Coordinator


Intervention territory

Burkina Faso, Bolivia – for applicability across any CAHRA

Implementing partners

2 years: May 2019 - April 2021

Gold, tantalum - and applicability to any mineral

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