Important: postponed deadlines

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    Important: postponed deadlines

    With different parts of the globe slowly going into lockdown due to COVID-19, precautionary measures have been decided upon by governments to ensure the safety and health of its population. These challenges have made the EPRM Secretariat wary of barriers that potentially can halt work progress. Therefore, - the EPRM Secretariat has taken some necessary steps.

    Deadlines postponed
    The deadlines for submitting quick scans and full proposals have been postponed as we understand that your priorities may currently lie elsewhere. The deadline for quick scans has been postponed from the 23rd of March to the 15th of June. The full proposal deadline has been postponed from the 7th of May to the 1st of September.

    Fechas límite postergadas
    Los plazos para enviar el análisis rápido y propuestas completas se han postergado ya que entendemos que en este momento sus prioridades pueden estar en otro lugar. La fecha límite para el análisis rápido se posterga del 23 de marzo al 15 de junio. La fecha límite de la propuesta completa se posterga del 7 de mayo al 1 de septiembre.

    Délais reportés
    Les délais pour la soumission des quickscans et des propositions ont été reportés, comme nous comprenons que actuellement vos priorités se trouvent probablement ailleurs. Le délai pour les Quickscans a été remis du 23 mars au 15 juin. Le délai pour les propositions a été remis du 7 mai au 1er septembre.  


    Initial deadline

    New deadline

     Quick scans

     23 March 2020

     15 June 2020, 2pm CEST

     Full proposals

    7 May 2020

     1 September 2020, 2pm CEST

    Of course, submitting quick scans before the 15th of June are more than welcome. The Secretariat is also available for questions and advice but please be aware that responding answers will be slightly delayed due to the current situation.

    Members meeting
    All members have been informed about the members meeting cancellation. At this moment, the Secretariat and the members meeting Task Force are exploring potential alternatives. Members will be informed once there is more clarity.

    Knowledge Portal Launch
    The soft launch of the EPRM Knowledge Portal will continue through a webinar. More information will be available in the near future.

    EPRM projects
    The Secretariat will monitor the situation to see how projects might be affected by the situation. At this moment, it is still difficult to foresee but we will remain in touch with project partners and will take necessary steps if needed.

    Other EPRM related activities
    The Secretariat aims to continue to work as much as possible and will closely monitor the situation to see if/what other steps are necessary to accommodate progress.

    On behalf of the EPRM, we sincerely hope that everyone stays safe and healthy. If you have any questions please get in touch with us through email.