EPRM at the OECD

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    EPRM at the OECD

    What a week this has been - full of impressive stories and inspiring insights.

    The EPRM has hosted various meetings and sessions. The EPRM’s members meeting has been very interesting and useful for the identification of the EPRM’s approach. This meeting had a focus on interactive strategic discussion and gave the members the opportunity to share their ideas on the EPRM’s future and goals. The results of the members meeting have been discussed during the governing board meeting, which also took place during the OECD. Furthermore, the EPRM and the Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade (PPA) came together to share knowledge, ideas and to inform each other about the latest updates.

    During the EPRM’s side session EPRM in the field, the audience was able to have an insight in two projects funded by the EPRM (FairTrade and Tin Working Group). Local project managers shared their stories about the purpose and the progress of the projects, which enabled the audience to relate with the struggles and accomplishments the projects were facing. Corresponding questions were answered by the EPRM panel, comprised of members from all three pillars of the EPRM and accompanied by the project managers. Also other side sessions during the OECD Forum on Responsible mineral Supply Chains have been engaging and covered a wide spectrum of topics, such as gender issues, due diligence tools, and projects.

    Finally, it must be emphasized that the chats, discussions and encounters with other participants of the OECD at our EPRM stand have been enlightening and educational. We are looking forward to incorporate the new ideas gained during the OECD and to welcome new EPRM members the coming period.