ECDPM Briefing note: Lessons from the EPRM

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    ECDPM Briefing note: Lessons from the EPRM

    The ECDPM is a leading independent think tank that wants to make policies in Europe and Africa work for inclusive and sustainable development. Funded by DfID, ECDPM is running a 2-year research project on multinational multi-stakeholder partnerships. ECDPM asked the EPRM to get involved in the study to get a better understanding of these kind of partnerships.

    The briefing note on the ECDPM website provides an overview of the EPRM, which has been created by a select group of governments, companies and civil society organisations. By mapping early experiences, this note provides valuable insights for stakeholders interested in more responsible mineral value chains and the role of multi-stakeholder initiatives.

    Based on interviews with members and non-members, ECDPM presents key drivers for actors to join the EPRM, and what it means for the partnership. Pull factors differ between and within stakeholder groups. For companies, the pull factors are determined by aspects such as the companies’ value chain stage, their size and their level of due diligence maturity. So within the overall mission of the EPRM or other partnerships, value propositions have to be carefully tailored to the different stakeholder groups.

    The note also provides insights from the EPRM governance structure. Among other things, it highlights the importance of creating an equal power balance between stakeholder groups in the governance structure.