Video: Get to know the stories of Colombian women miners

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    Video: Get to know the stories of Colombian women miners

    With the support of the EPRM, a video presenting progress of the CAPAZ project has been designed. This video, created by the Alliance of Responsible Mining (ARM), who are the initiators of the CAPAZ project, provides an insight into the experiences, daily activities and perspectives of female mineral selectors in Colombia.

    The main objectives of the CAPAZ project is to develop a globally applicable code (CRAFT) and verification system to engage with artisanal and small scale gold mining and to improve the process of organizational, social and mining practices. Two pilot mine sites have been assigned to pilot the supply chain models for conflict free-minerals. One of these sites is the workstation of women involved in the CAPAZ project.

    The ARM recognized the essential role of female workers in the mining industry and emphasized on improving the social status of women working in this sector. The video clearly demonstrates the impact of women empowerment in the Colombian mines. As a result of support and training as part of the project, the women involved in the CAPAZ project they are more confident towards a positive future. The vision of being a women mineral selector changed and improved families’ quality of life as a whole. Female miners recognize their improved social status and want to seize this opportunity to study and to become professionals.

    The second phase of the CAPAZ project is now being implemented by the support of the EPRM. Do you want to know more about the CAPAZ project? Read about it here.