Successful members meeting at Valcambi

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    Successful members meeting at Valcambi

    On the 20th November the EPRM organised a very productive members meeting in Switzerland. The strategic member Valcambi was very kind to host the meeting at their headquarters in Balerna, in Switzerland, including a very educative tour through their gold refinery.

    The aim of this members meeting was on the one hand to learn more aboutthe accomplishments so far and the direction the partnership is taking for upcoming year. On the other hand, the meeting also provided the opportunity for members to give input for the next steps to be taken

    The basis for all discussions were the strategic objectives of the EPRM for 2019. EPRM chair, Leah Butler explaines: “This meeting gives members the opportunity for networking, learning, and charting EPRM’s path for 2019 and beyond”.

    The Secretariat applauds the positive energy of all members and the determination of the EPRM to significantly contribute to responsible mineral sourcing and production.