CRAFT Code released

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    CRAFT Code released

    The EPRM is proud to have financed the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) and RESOLVE to develop the Code of Risk mitigation for ASM engaging in Formal Trade (CRAFT). This code facilitates the relationship between the gold industry and the ASM sector. Artisanal miners produce 20% of the world’s gold, but the complexities of artisanal supply chains often deter refiners and downstream customers who are committed to due diligence and risk management, as there has not been a clear standard for “market acceptability” of artisanal gold

    To fill this gap, RESOLVE and the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) have partnered to develop the Code of Risk mitigation for Artisanal and small scale mining engaged in Formal Trade (CRAFT), a new code of practice that helps miners and their buyers to assess critical social and environmental risks in artisanal supply chains – such as child labor, illicit trade, and uncontrolled use of chemicals – and to track progress in mitigating these and other risks. 

    The code will help miners to understand and demonstrate conformity with the requirements of global markets, therefore improving their access to legal supply chains and better trading conditions. At the same time, companies will benefit from expanded, responsible minerals supply and governments will receive increased revenues as the formal market grows. 

    “For global minerals supply chains, change and market engagement is most critically needed in the places that face the greatest challenges,” said Jennifer Peyser, Director of the Ethical Resource Program at RESOLVE. “CRAFT is innovative as a multi-stakeholder vetted, open source tool to help companies support the economies of artisanal communities, while following good risk management practice and ensuring they are not contributing to illicit trade or human rights abuses.”

    The code has recently undergone a global stakeholder consultation, and CRAFT’s Standard Committee and Advisory Group approved the final version for publication in July. The European Partnership for Responsible Minerals has proudly provided support for the first phase of CRAFT and is excited to continuously support the next phase. 

    “We see CRAFT as one of the cornerstones to drive responsible ASM mining and sourcing,” said Simone Knobloch, COO of Valcambi, a gold refinery. “It is the first industry tool that empowers miners to understand the market sourcing and due diligence requirements, assess their practices and how to address potential gaps, so that they can comply and report conformance with those needs, while providing supply chain actors with the instrument to engage with miners. It will facilitate due diligence by all along the value chain. Using CRAFT schemes, we will be able to support mines improve their practices so they can access global market”.

    More information about the CRAFT Code can be found here.