Responsible Kenyan Gold

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    Responsible Kenyan Gold

    Summary of project
    The Responsible Kenyan Gold project seeks to improve working conditions and incomes for miners by providing mine sites from Kakamega and Migori Counties with access to finance, technical trainings and markets. Finance will be opened up to enable groups to invest in enhanced, cleaner extractive and processing equipment, reducing reliance on mercury and increasing recovery of gold. Technical trainings will focus on formalization and responsible production and, finally, a route to market will be pioneered for responsibly mined gold to reach export markets. These tools combined will enabled groups to continuously improve their ESG performance to align with pre-existing market performance frameworks, including Fairtrade certification.

    Envisioned impact

    • Increased income for small scale gold miners
    • Improved working conditions for small scale gold miners
    • Improved route to market channels for responsibly mined gold.
    • Increased awareness of Kenya as an origin for responsibly mined gold and increased county government support for ASM sector

    Beneficiary groups

    • 10 x Artisanal mining groups (5 x Migori County, 5 x Kakamega County)
    • Capacity building local partners (GROOTS and NCCK)

    “The Responsible Kenyan Gold project is an exciting scale up of Fairtrade’s investment-led approach with mining communities in East Africa. We look forward to forging new partnerships with NCCK and GROOTs to reach more mine sites in East Africa and, on the market side, raise the profile of Kenya as an origin for responsibly mined gold.” - Gonzaga Mungai, Fairtrade Africa

    Intervention territory: Kenya (Migori and Kakamega Counties)

    Implementing partners:
    Fairtrade Africa
    The Dragonfly Initiative
    GROOTS Kenya
    The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK)

    Time-frame: January 2018 until December 2020

    Mineral: Gold