Blockchain-based traceability and data reporting system

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    Blockchain-based traceability and data reporting system

    Summary of the project
    SustainBlock is a blockchain-based project to demonstrate supply chain accountability from ASM mine sites all the way to mineral and metal end-users, and in turn provide downstream companies with access to information on the provenance of minerals contained in their products. Led by supply chain sustainability systems provider iPoint-Systems, the project implements the BetterChain framework and Better Sourcing Program’s active risk monitoring and management at fully integrated platform to unlock value from upstream due diligence data and generate incentives for responsible procurement of minerals from CAHRAs, in compliance with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance. With EPRM support, SustainBlock pilot will be piloted along a tungsten supply chain originating from Rwanda.

    Envisioned impact
    By demonstrating end-user accountability for, and relevance of due diligence data from, a given mine site (while protecting commercial confidentiality along the supply chain), the project will make relevant upstream due diligence data available to downstream users. This will create a market for upstream data and provide a sustainable funding mechanism for upstream due diligence. Upon upscaling, value generated from the due diligence process will become an incentive for transparent reporting and can be allocated towards addressing key local supply chain challenges.

    Beneficiary groups
    1. Local supply chain stakeholders – in particular ASM communities and mining operators which bear all costs associated with upstream due diligence can get be rewarded for their compliance;

    2. End-users gain access to first-mile due diligence information.

    “International partners do not realize that traceability costs are discounted from what miners earn for their resources. And all of this is to protect the reputation of big brands. If brands contribute directly to get information, there will be more transparency.” -Jean Ngerageze, Cooperative Manager (South Kivu, DRC)

    Intervantion territory: Global applicability, piloting along a supply chain originating from Rwanda

    Implementing partners:
    iPoint Systems
    Better Sourcing Rwanda

    Time-frame: February 2018 - February 2019

    Minerals: All minerals / Tungsten pilot