The story of Senides Lucumi – CAPAZ, Colombia

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    The story of Senides Lucumi – CAPAZ, Colombia

    This is the story of Senides Lucumi Mina. She is 42 years old and lives in the municipality of Suárez in the department of Cauca (Colombia). She works outside the gold mines, combing over the mineral waste left by the miners and hand picking any gold remnants she finds.

    Senides is also president of the Association of Gold Waste Picker Women and Peacebuilders in Suárez. The association was formed with the support of the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) within the CAPAZ project, funded by the European Partnership for Responsible Minerals (EPRM).

    Financial instability

    Senides explains that more than 100 women work as gold waste pickers in the area. However, they do not find gold every day, as there is not always waste left to pick through. Sometimes she even completes a full working day without anything to show for it. She and other female miners are eager to make progress in order to achieve a better quality of life, but they are hampered by the instability of their work.


    She stresses the need for tools or financial aid for mills and points out that they need assistance to help them to reduce the dangers and health risks which comes with working with mercury. "We can work on clean mining as long as the government and other entities like ARM and EPRM are here to help us." Senides notes that the women need to be equipped with their own working tools and that they are in need of training.

    Support by ARM

    She's grateful for these types of support received from organizations such as ARM, through the funding of EPRM. “We have to join forces and work in partnership in order to improve the situation for everyone. We have learned this lesson from the training given by ARM.", Senides reflects. She has observed the positive impact in the increased participation of women  and hopes that these improvements lead to jointly creating a solid impact in their daily lives as female miners.

    You can read the full story of Senides or view more information on the CAPAZ project funded by EPRM.


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