The CAPAZ Passports to Markets project

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    The CAPAZ Passports to Markets project

    This project has two primary objectives:

    1. To develop a globally applicable Market Entry Standard to engage with artisanal and small-scale gold mining, especially in conflict-affected and high risk areas.
    • This standard will bring  together  global  stakeholders to  develop the first version of the CRAFT Standard.
    • The Standard  will  be  developed  under  Open  Source  licence,  so  that  stakeholders  may  freely  use  it  as  an  "ASM module" in their own sourcing or certification systems.
    • This Standard aims to have a global scope, in conflict and high risk areas and beyond. In this first stage, the standard will be tested in Colombia, bringing together importers, traders and three pilot mining sites to build transparent and OECD-conformant supply chains.
    1. To pilot supply chain models for conflict-free minerals in Colombia.
    • Identification and evaluation of mining sites to test the CAPAZ approach.
    • Empowerment of   miners   to   establish   legal   supply   chains, build  tailor-made  progressive  improvement  plans  and develop a route of positive changes.
    • Cost-effective and participatory due diligence process. Engagement with   the   national,   regional   and  local   institutions to  boost  formalization  efforts  and  raise awareness on conflict-free minerals regulations.
    • A business   case   and   an   incentives   model   will   be   developed by supply chain actors participating in the pilots.
    • Gold from  the  pilot  sites  will  be  delivered  through  a  transparent, OECD-conformant supply chain.
    • Environmental, economic and social improvements will be measured through   a   set   of   simple   key   performance  

    Envisioned impact
    The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) and RESOLVE are developing a Market Entry Standard (called CRAFT) to  provide  an  entry  point  for  artisanal  and  small-scale  mining  organizations  toward  further opportunity,  improved  performance and a contribution to better life conditions of their communities.

    The CRAFT Standard has the potential to create opportunities for hundreds of thousands of miners in developing countries. With the development of a pathway for ASM gold to enter formal markets, new allies and donors from the private and public sectors are invited to join CAPAZ to widen the impact and support scaling up and implementing a system which is sustainable for miners and international markets.

    Beneficiary group

    • Mining organizations, artisanal and small-scale miners and communities
    • Domestic traders and exporters
    • International refiners
    • Companies and brands working with gold

    Intervention territory :Colombia, La Llanada, Suárez

    Implementing partners
    Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM)

    Time-frame: The project will run from February 2017 to June 2018

    Mineral: Gold

    More information can be found on this website
    Photo credit: ARM