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Access to responsible markets, good practices and territorial governance in artisanal mining in Chocó, Colombia

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Summary of the project 

This project addresses some of the most critical barriers that gold artisanal miners in the conflict-affected area of Choco are facing by providing practical solutions that will allow them to improve their mining practices, access markets via responsible and traceable supply chains, and contribute to improved territorial natural resources management and peacebuilding. Through the reinforcement of Due Diligence procedures, the strengthening of a traceable and responsible supply chain from the artisanal miners until exporting to Europe will be ensured and, transversally, the capacity of miners, in particular women miners, to have an active, informed role in decision-making will be promoted. 

Envisioned impact

The project expects to improve responsible artisanal miners’ access to markets and to increase the volume of gold exported via verified responsible supply chains using a harmonized due diligence tool which acts as a mechanism for improving the miners environmental and labour practices and dignifying their artisanal small-scale mining (ASM) livelihood in the conflict-affected and high-risk area (CAHRA) of Choco, Colombia while empowering women in ASM as active leaders promoting equality in territorial governance and peacebuilding.

Beneficiary groups

Aggregators, gold exporters, and midstream actors of the gold supply chain.

"I learned from my mother and she learned from my grandmother, and like that, everyone here learned to do mining. That's why I like panning, because that's how we live, that's how they taught us and that's how we manage to sustain ourselves". María Murillo, Artisanal Miner from Istmina, Choco, Colombia. Source: Fieldwork, Atabaque Foundation 

Intervention territory

Colombia, Chocó

Implementing partners 

Time-frame 2 years: March 2019 - February 2021

Mineral Gold/Precious metals