The European Partnership for Responsible Minerals is a multi-stakeholder partnership established with the goal to create better social and economic conditions for mine workers and local mining communities, by increasing the number of mines that adopt responsible mining practices in Conflict and High Risk Areas (CAHRAs).

  • Important: postponed deadlines

    Important: postponed deadlines

    With different parts of the globe slowly going into lockdown, the rise of infected COVID-19 patients is increasing. In the Netherlands, precautionary measures have been decided upon by the government to ensure the safety and health of its... read more
  • Empowering Women within the Mining Sector

    Empowering Women within the Mining Sector

    In the limelight of International Women’s Day, celebrating and empowering women, specifically in the mining sector is of importance. The global event calls for attention to an equal world where female achievements are celebrated, awareness about... read more