The European Partnership for Responsible Minerals is a multi-stakeholder partnership established with the goal to create better social and economic conditions for mine workers and local mining communities, by increasing the number of mines that adopt responsible mining practices in Conflict and High Risk Areas (CAHRAs).

  • The EPRM will fund 4 new projects

    The EPRM will fund 4 new projects

    The EPRM is happy to announce that the partnership will fund 4 extra projects in 2019. Until this very moment, the EPRM has been funding 7 projects in total, which will increase up to 11.The 4 selected projects are located in 6 different... read more
  • EPRM at the OECD

    EPRM at the OECD

    What a week this has been - full of impressive stories and inspiring insights.The EPRM’s has hosted various meetings and sessions. The EPRM’s members meeting has been very interesting and useful for the identification of the... read more